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Common injuries: Spikenergy microcurrents help the healing process

Clinical studies have shown that microcurrent bands have a repolarizing effect on damaged cells, promoting repair and the resumption of normal cellular functions. In this way, microcurrents can help treat trauma, strain injuries, inflammation, fluid retention and various degenerative pathologies.

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Pain therapy

Goodbye pain

Products designed to offer effective therapy for acute and chronic pain

Ideal for athletes and sports enthusiasts

Spikenergy is ideal for those who practising intensive sports. The unisex product range is suitable for all kinds of symptoms of inflammation, fluid retention and pain, particularly for applications in the fields of physiatry, orthopaedics, traumatology, sports medicine and rheumatology.

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Goodbye cellulite

Find out how to treat fluid retention and microcirculation simply and naturally

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Spikenergy and Spikecell: a natural solution for pain

  • Clinical studies have shown that combining the use of Spikenergy and Spikecell devices with traditional pain relief therapy can significantly reduce healing times and increase the perceived benefit for the patient.

  • The devices have been designed to be worn daily under clothing and in direct contact with skin, both during the day and the night’s rest.