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Anti-Cellulite Shorts

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High-waist, anti-cellulite shorts

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The slimming shorts exploit a new electromagnetotherapy system that employs the synergistic action of microcurrents and magnetic fields to biostimulate microcirculation. The slimming shorts help to: reactivate microcirculation, drain excess fluids and Reduce swelling

FIT & FLEXIBILITY - Spike-Cell anti-cellulite shorts are soft and elastic, and adhere perfectly to the body, allowing full freedom of movement.

HIGH COMFORT - Made from yarns, they are soft in contact with the skin, indicated for wearing under even tight-fitting clothes, and create the effect of a flat stomach and shaped buttocks. They do not cause excess sweating, itching or any burning sensation.

AN ALLY AGAINST IMPERFECTIONS - The anatomical shape adheres perfectly to the skin and reactivates microcirculation via body heat.

AUTHORIZATION - CELL 410 CYCLIST’S SHORTS is a medical device approved by the Italian Ministry of Health pursuant to Article 21 of Legislative Decree 24th February 1997, No. 46. Implementation of Directive 93/4/EEC concerning medical devices.

Slimming shorts: when and why you should use them

The slimming shorts are made from materials specially designed to perform a slimming action. The work depending on how you use them and the type of product you choose. Indeed, to obtain the best results, you need to choose the right product and use the slimming shorts every day. It is also recommended to accompany the use of the anti-cellulite shorts with regular physical exercise, good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

The goal of the high-waist slimming shorts is to help the body drain toxins and excess fluids concentrated at the critical points of the female body, such as the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Among the main causes of cellulite are a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet and the slowing of the body’s metabolism. For this reason, it is important to combine the use of the slimming shorts with a healthy diet and physical activity. Gafitex’s anti-cellulite shorts produce microcurrents that perform a massaging action aimed at reactivating the body’s microcirculation in order to drain toxins and excess liquids, combating water retention and tone

the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. The slimming shorts can be used as a normal piece of underwear under everyday clothing or as tight-fitting sportswear. The tight-fitting design shapes your figure, giving it a more toned appearance.

HOW TO USE - Wear for at least 6-9 hours a day, even during the night, to help reduce cellulite. Wear with the logo positioned on the back side of the right leg. The use of Spike-Cell products should be avoided if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker or other active implantable devices.

HEIGHT 150/155 155/170 170/190
WEIGHT KG 50/60 60/85 80/100

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